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Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Dark Winter....Brights?

A little something about me, I HATE winter so much! It's always dark, dreary and absoulutely freezing! I can handle it in November/December because you have the build up to Christmas :D (which I love) but after that I just want to hibernate until it's summer again. Unfortunately that's not possible so I just have to grit my teeth and bare it! And it does give me an excuse to wear chunky scarves :D.

So anyway one of my resolutions was 'to try new things' normally when it comes to beauty I kind of "play it safe" but i've decided to inject a little colour and see if it brightens up the long dark nights, starting with nail polish! Still a bit safe (haha) but it's a start!

So I logged on to the Barry M website ( as you really don't get more colourful than Barry M and purchased the neon nail paint, the colours of which are green, pink and yellow. I'm not quite sure how the yellow will come out though! I also purchased shocking pink and navy. I'm quite liking the idea of blue nail polish at the moment O.P.I ( especially has a fantastic blue nail polish that is on my never ending list of things to buy. It's called 'Dating a Royal' and it's from the 'Mod about brights' collection.

So hopefully I get these soon and liven up my dark nights!


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