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Monday, 12 January 2009

Papa's got a brand new bag.......

Ok so it's actually Victoria Beckham who stepped out with her new £80,000 Birken Himalayan handbag. As much as I love fashion I can't believe anyone would pay that money for a handbag! It is a ridiculous price but I suppose if you can afford it then why not? But I definitely wouldn't pay that no matter if I was loaded. Personally I don't even think it's that nice either (and its not jealousy for a change ha!) Apparently Becks struggled to find a christmas present for the girl who has everything, I'd happily settle for pyjama's and smellies. I'm easily pleased!

Barry M Nail Paint

In a previous post I mentioned that I had purchased Barry M nail paint online which arrived on Thursday. My intention was to start with the neon colours to try something new but at the moment I'm becoming quite a fan of blue nail polish (and it matched my outfit :D) so i've started with with 'Cobalt blue' I thought I had ordered 'navy' but apparently not!
So anyway the picture was took 2 days after I applied it (excuse the messy application I was in a rush) and i'm really quite impressed that it hadn't chipped by then cause any nail polish I apply always chips after a day! The colour is quite dark and people have thought i've been wearing black nail polish but in daylight it looks lovely and it's definitely different with what i'd normally wear so overall i'm very pleased with it. Now I have to 'brave' the more daring colours! I'm actually quite excited about the 'shocking pink' I think i'll have fun trying that out!
Monday, 5 January 2009

16 Facts about moi!

  1. I have a slight obsession with all things purple.....Eyeshadows, bags, shoes, boots, scarves, candles, clothes even my walls are painted purple! (but a nice colour :D)
  2. I love Sex and the city, but thought the film was a complete disappointment (possibly the only person in the word?) and definitely don't think a second should be made.
  3. I study psychology. I love how people's mids work!
  4. I love music so much and i'm at my most happiest when i'm at a gig!
  5. The first beauty product I ever bought was Leichner foundation when i was 14....haha bad days!
  6. My fave perfume is jean paul Gaultier classique although Agent Provocateur is a close contender!
  7. The Places I would most like to vist are Australia, New York and Fiji
  8. If I could be any woman in the world it would be Eva Mendes
  9. I am very very messy! Although not when it comes to appearance strangely enough
  10. I love Gossip Girl, Family guy, and trash tv such as The Hills, laguna beach etc
  11. My natural hair colour is dark brown
  12. I'm addicted to Lush bath products!
  13. I'm the oldest of 3. I have 2 much younger sisters
  14. I'm scared of thunder & lightning
  15. I collect scarves, candles and gig t-shirts :D
  16. I hate silence

Wow, that was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be!

Currently on my wishlist......

Benefit Hollywood Glo

I went to buy this product the other day after months of "will i? won't i?" and guess what? It was bloomin sold out! Typical! It is a liquid bronzer which you apply over your make-up and it claims to make everyone "look like an instant celebrity".......Yes plaease!!
I should state however that I have never tried it and I do have my reservations about it, Will it be streaky? Will it make me look orange? However i'm assuming that the coral colour in it prevents it from going orange.
Has anyone tried this before?
Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Dark Winter....Brights?

A little something about me, I HATE winter so much! It's always dark, dreary and absoulutely freezing! I can handle it in November/December because you have the build up to Christmas :D (which I love) but after that I just want to hibernate until it's summer again. Unfortunately that's not possible so I just have to grit my teeth and bare it! And it does give me an excuse to wear chunky scarves :D.

So anyway one of my resolutions was 'to try new things' normally when it comes to beauty I kind of "play it safe" but i've decided to inject a little colour and see if it brightens up the long dark nights, starting with nail polish! Still a bit safe (haha) but it's a start!

So I logged on to the Barry M website ( as you really don't get more colourful than Barry M and purchased the neon nail paint, the colours of which are green, pink and yellow. I'm not quite sure how the yellow will come out though! I also purchased shocking pink and navy. I'm quite liking the idea of blue nail polish at the moment O.P.I ( especially has a fantastic blue nail polish that is on my never ending list of things to buy. It's called 'Dating a Royal' and it's from the 'Mod about brights' collection.

So hopefully I get these soon and liven up my dark nights!

Timeless Tips

I came across a website which gave a list of timeless beauty tips which I think are very simple but brilliant!

  • Gain confidence in yourself and your appearance. That's truly what attractiveness is all about
  • Learn a thing or two about a thing or two! Knowledge is very attractive.
  • Have a 'hair-do' don't just leave it to nature. Get it trimmed often.
  • Wear enough make-up; It does a face good
  • Pay extra for quality make-up. Remember you get what you pay for.
  • Experiment with your make-up. Marilyn Monroe came up with her own make-up tricks that no-one else in the world did.
  • Keep trying different shades and colours until you get it exactly right. Get professional help - they know their stuff!
  • Don't hesitate to wear off the wall colours every now and then.
  • Groom your eyebrows. What a difference it will make to your whole face!
  • Don't be shy about what you wear. Try something different often.
  • Start saving pictures of celebrities whose make-up caught your eye. Try to do something similar yourself.
  • You might find your own celebrity style and beauty muses and use them as inspirations, but never ever, ever rip someone off - There's nothing worse than copying someone, especially someone you know personally. Find your own style.
  • Take good care of your hands and nails. They say a lot about you.
  • Curl your eyelashes; it will brighten up your face
  • Moisturize your face, even if it's oily! and use a facial moisuriser as a make-up base.
  • Don't be afraid to stand out in a crowd by looking unique.
  • Try not you go along with trends; you will just regret it later.
  • If your teeth aren't naturally white, try out some whitening products.
  • Embrace what makes you different from everyone else. Imagine Cindy Crawford without her beauty mark, or Twiggy with out her thin figure.
  • Use Your best judgement. You know best if something doesn't look or feel right. The most important rule is always to be true to yourself. Remember from Shakespeare's Hamlet: "To thine own self be true"

5 Products that I love!!!

In starting this blog I thought i'd give you a little insight to the products I love most, there's nothing too extravagant in the list but every item there has lived up to (and more) what it claims to do on the bottle. I hope you enjoy reading!

1. St Tropez Auto-Bronzant Lotion - I'm Scottish and have the traditional white (with a hint of blue!) pasty skin which personally I hate! I don't even seem to tan when I go on holiday either :( but apparently 'faking' it is they way to go and hopefully it will keep the wrinkles at bay! So anyway the reason I love this is that it alwyas appears to be flawless and as long as you exfoliate and moisturise properly it shouldn't turn orange or streaky, it also smells amazing! . I have tried other fake tans such as fake bake (gave me a rash) and the sienna tan (a good cheaper alternative) but none of them have matched up to this. Also I wouldn't recommend the mousse version of this as I didn't think I had quite as many applications as I get from the lotion and the colour seemed to be lighter too. The only disappointing thing about it is that it claims to be so dark that it hides strech marks but I found that it made mine stand out more.

2. Dove 2 in 1 Daily Therapy Daily Conditioner - I have tried LOTS of different shampoos and conditioners, so of which have been ridiculously expensive especially when they failed to do what they say! I eventually found that Charles Worthington salon shine results brilliant shine shampoo and conditioner was the one that worked best on my hair (the comments on how shiny my hair looked swayed me a bit :D) until I decided to bleach it, my hair didn't look shiny or even feel soft so I had to look for a new shampoo which is how I came accross the dove shampoo. I only bought it cause it was on special for £1 and i've not used another product since. It means I still bleach my hair and it is shiny and soo soft!! The only problem is I find my hair to be a bit static but thats nothing a bit of hairspray won't fix!

3. Boots 17 Solo Eyeshadows - Ok, so the reason I love these are mainly for the price. I get a bit scared when trying new colours of eyeshadow as i'm never sure whats going to suit me so I buy these first instead of buying more expensive ones and finding that they don't suit me and never get touched again . The collection has a great colour range perfect for experimenting with, at the moment my fave is viva diva, and they don't crease and they blend very well! There is also a glitter range available too and usually some kind of deal on them such as BOGOF or 3 for the price of 2.

4. Clinique Superfit Makeup Foundation - The one beauty product I can't live without is foundation! It's my fave part of my beauty routine. It can transform the look of your skin so much (as long as you find the right one and the right shade for you) and this makes my skin look amazing! I find I need quite a lot of coverage I love that whole 'airbrushed' look and this gives me the coverage I want without being heavy and it looks natural. It's oil-free as well which is brilliant if like me you're prone to the odd spot and have an oily t-zone.

5. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Sugar Plum - I've never been a lipstick fan as any I tried never seemed to suit me at all so I didn't ever bother with it and stuck to lipgloss but I received this in a rimmel gift set and I fell in love with it straight away. It's a lovely pink shade, very bright and makes a good statement lipstick. It feels quite conditioning on my lips and does actually last as it claims I did find that it bled a little bit but managed to fix this with a lip pencil. It looks great with black eyeliner on the top lids and heavy mascara. Simple but very pretty! Definitely stands out.

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