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Thursday, 7 January 2010


Recently everyone seems to be blogging about Lush and being a huge fan of Lush products I was getting a little envious and felt like I was missing out - ha! So last week I went online (there's no lush stores near where I live) and purchased some products which arrived yesterday. Which was really welcoming after being out in the cold and almost falling in the snow/ice/slush for the millionth time! A nice warm bath with a bubble bar was just what I needed!

So here's what I bought:

* Jingle Spells Ballistic

* Ickle Baby Devil Baby Bath Ballistic

* Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

* Bathos Bubble Bar

* Blue Skies Bubble Bar

* Waving Not Drowning Ballistic

* Think Pink Bath Ballistic

* Dreamtime Bath Melt

* Big Blue Bath Ballistic

* Rockstar Soap

* The Comforter Bubble Bar

I really can't believe that I forgot to order a Supernova Ballistic or a Sex Bomb Ballistic. They're my 2 favourite Lush products!!

As I spent over £30 (eek!) I also received a free £10 gift which contained:

* Angels Delight Soap

* Think Pink Ballistic

* Avobath Ballistic

* Honey Bee Ballistic

* Snowcake Soap

* Porridge Soap

These are smaller sized products than you would usually buy but great for free :D

Out of the wrapping the soaps look like this:

Angels Delight


Porridge Soap

I've never tried the porridge soap before and to be honest I'm a little unsure if I'll like it, it smells a bit creamy? but it feels like it will be quite moisturising which would be good since my skin is a little dry just now. I've never tried Angels Delight or the honey bee ballistic but they smell AMAZING! So I'm quite excited about trying them out, the only thing that concerns me is the glitter on Angels Delight - Will I turn into a glitter ball?

I'd really love to try a face mask from Lush but because I have to order online and can't get to a store I'm unsure what would be a good one to try so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, 4 January 2010

I hate monday...... particular the brand 'Cheap Monday' I've never bought jeans from this brand before but while browsing asos I saw a pair which I really liked so I ordered them. All good so far. The jeans arrived the next day (along with some other things I couldn't resist :D) and I tried them on but I couldn't get them up past my thighs they were so small! I'm a UK dress size 6-8, it varies depending on which shop/brand I buy my clothes from so I had bought a 24" Long I usually buy my jeans in this size so didn't think too much about it.

So I returned the jeans to asos and had them exchanged for a 26" Long - these didn't fit either so exhanged them AGAIN! for a 28" Long, which I think is a size 10? These didn't fit me either! By this point I was really frustrated and feeling the size of an elephant!! So I took it out on the laptop and sent an e-mail direct to Cheap monday asking what size they would recommend and why the jeans were made so small.

The reply I recieved this morning:

I wouls say that a 27" should fit you in model tight. It's so different between the fabrics. I hope you find the perfect size.

Not really helpful but to be honest and I didn't even expect a reply at all. The jeans I bought will be getting returned to asos (again) and this time i'll just have to get a refund.

Overall i'm not impressed with the brand at all, the jeans are made far too small (honestly i'm not 40 stone deluding myself that I have a 24" waist) the only person that would fit into those jeans would be my 9 year old sister! And the quality of the denim wasn't that great either. The denim was like cardboard, the no elasticity at all, they're really stiff and thin.

Rant over!

One good thing I have discovered out of all this though is the excellent service provided by asos. Any e-mail I sent to them was responded to almost immediately, they were extremely helpful and they delivered the new jeans really quickly for example the last pair I was sent was posted on New Years eve and I recieved them on the 2nd Jan - That's what I call customer service!

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