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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Frankie Sandford hair!

(pic I took with me)

For a while now I've really loved Frankie Sandford's (UK girl band - The Saturdays) hair but to me it's really short! So to actually go and get my hair cut in a similar style was just never going to happen.

What if I looked like a boy?

How long would it take to grow my hair back?

What if the hair stylist didn't know what she was doing?

These were a few of the questions that went through my mind whenever I contemplated having my hair cut. Looking like a boy was definitely my biggest fear as was the fact that I wasn't blessed with Frankie's face!

After seeing Plink278's youtube channel and seeing that she had hacked all her pretty hair off, and it looked even more awesome, I felt braver and decided to just go for it. I booked an appointment for Saturday (yesterday). I chose a well recommended salon - Rainbow Room International. If I was going this short I wasn't letting just anyone loose on my hair!

On the day I expected to feel nervous/sick but I was actually fine, may have been something to do with the fabulous head massage I received before the cutting started. The stylist was more anxious than me which I have to admit made me feel slightly uneasy and all my doubts came back but after the first cut it was too late!

So 2 hours later this was the result...

I'm happy with it, it's a great change and everyone seems to like it, but I do miss having long hair, and it's only been a day! The great thing is now all the bleach and damaged hair from highlights is gone! My hair now feels really healthy. I've not tried to style it own my own yet but I'm hoping it will be easy...fingers (and toes) crossed!
It's definitely the shortest my hair has ever been and the most drastic haircut I've ever had but I've now come to the conclusion that I won't know what I like or what suits me unless I try it. If I don''s hair so it will grow back and at the very worst, there's always hair extensions (which I was assured it would still be long enough for clip-ins) :)

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