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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Right now I'm loving...

Embracing my natural skin tone! - This is a big change for me, I hate the natural colour of my skin. I'm very, very pale and for the last 6 years I've been somewhat tanorexic (although I have only used a sunbed twice! Donatella Versace has put me off 'natural' tanning) and applying fake tan has been compulsory! However, I'm currently having problems with my skin and fake tan seems to be exacerbating it so as it's winter and I can cover up more, it seemed like the perfect time to wean myself off fake tan. Not sure how long this will last though, it's been quite a struggle so far!

Lipstick - I've not really been a fan of lipstick. To be scares me! I'm always worried that I'll think that a colour will look good when really people will be thinking 'What the hell is she wearing?' So I usually avoid it or I stick to colours that are the same as my natural lip colour - my perfect match is ELF mineral lipstick in 'nicely nude'. So to start off I've purchased 2 lipsticks from the Maybelline colorsensational range; the colours are 'Fatal red' and 'Delicate pearl' and I purchased 2 from the Rimmel Lasting Finish range in the colours 'Sweetie' and 'Asia'. I will do a review of these. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation - I've tried this twice before and wasn't impressed at all. It was one of those products that didn't live up to the expectations I had about it and I couldn't make it work at all so I gave it to my Mum, who happens to love it! She recently bought a bottle that was too light for her so she gave it to me. Due to embracing my paleness the only foundations I had that matched my skin were this and Chanel Vitalumiere - which I do love but the coverage is light and the state my skin is in at the moment that's a no-go! So I had to opt for maybelline dream satin and I have to say I'm quite impressed. It doesn't give me 'flawless' skin but the coverage is quite good, my skin looks smoother and it gives it a nice glow.

Online shopping - I actually always love online shopping but from November until January this becomes my only shopping outlet as I refuse to step foot in shops. People seem to go into psycho mode at this time of the year and I find going shopping really stressful; all manners seem to go out the window; people race you to get things and it's just really stressful and chaotic. I really don't get it. It seems to be like a competition to buy anything and people buy like it's going out of fashion.

Snow!!! - Today is the first day we've had snow so that explains why I'm loving it. By tomorrow I'll hate it but for today I'm definitely loving it! It's really starting to feel like Christmas even though it's still almost 4 weeks away! I've actually been wanting to put my Christmas tree up but I haven't...I'm not that mad! Honestly! :D

Twitter - I've had twitter for a while now but I've only recently kind of figured out how to use it...I'm still a complete novice! I love reading other people's tweets though, some of them are really funny. It's also really nice to get to know other bloggers better, although there are some bloggers I follow on twitter but can't find their blogs :( I'm starting to see why it can be addictive though! If you would like to follow me on twitter, you can here.


la mì said...

you are beautiful!
wonderful blog!
HI!my name's martina and I come from Italy..I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me!I wait you! kiss kiss ^^

Lisa x said...

Aww thank you Martina, that means a lot!

I have visited your blog and am now a follower! :D Can't wait to read more Xx

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