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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I have no self-control!

Last night while cleaning out my cupboard, I stumbled across an unopened bottle of St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist. I bought this months ago and must have put it in the cupboard and forgot all about it. So out of sheer boredom I decided to apply it to see what it was like. I've used St Moriz mousse before and I do like it, I just have a problem with the consistency of it. I find that with each pump 75% of the formula will come out like mousse and the other 25% will be runny. So if you're anything like me, you just get into a mess! That's what puts me off the mousse.

Anyway, If you read my post on things I'm loving right now, you would have noticed that number 1 on my list was 'embracing my paleness', which has obviously went right out the window (naughty me!). I did try and justify it by saying that it was for fair to medium skintones - a lot lighter than I usually use, but lets face it I'm a lot darker than I naturally am and I'm already thinking about the next application...I'm hooked!

Personally, I think this may be my new favourite fake tan. The application was flawless and I have no patches, even my hands are fine!!

Have you tried St Moriz mousse or mist? Which do you prefer?


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