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Monday, 9 November 2009

Review - Aussome Volume?!

Recently as my hair has grown a little longer I've noticed that it looks constantly flat! So I went on a mission to find a shampoo and conditioner that would make my hair full of volume a la Cheryl cole without having to use too much product on my hair (usually it requires LOADS of mousse and enough hairspray to make my room highly explosive!) So after trying a few products with no results I noticed 'Aussie Aussome Volume' and being a huuuge fan of their '3 Minute Miracle' I decided I wouldn't be too disappointed. I'm extremely optimistic :D ha!

So here's my review

What is it?

Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo (300ml) and Aussome conditioner (250ml)

How much does it cost?

In Asda it's usually about £3.44 each it was on offer when I first bought it at 2 for £6

What it says:

Shampoo: Our unique lightweight formula, with extract of Australian hops, leaves hair with wonderful fullness and body. Big hair is beautiful.

Fair enough, beer's probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Australian hops, but there's a lot more to these little fellas than meets the eye. It's believed that the proteins in the hops coat your hair and help build it up. Frankly we think beer is a waste of good hops.

Conditioner: Our unique aussie formula, with extract of Australian hops, leaves your fine hair with wonderful fullness and body. So try this and you'll be in front of the mirror thinking - 'Wow, What am I going to do with all this lovely hair?'

Sounds good, huh?

What I thought

The first time I used them it was all great. I loved the smell (nothing like the 3 minute miracle conditioner thankfully!), it was great at lathering my hair felt amazingly clean and I swear my hair looked slightly fuller. So I was happy with the results. So the next day I washed my hair with it again and this time when my hair was dried it was back to being flat. Slightly disappointing but I thought perhaps I'd have to use it a while before I got any results. So for the last 8 weeks I've been using this shampoo and conditioner, and i will continue with it until it runs out, but I definitely haven't had any results as far as bigger hair is concerned :(

Would I buy it again?

I'm not actually sure if I would buy it again. It does get your hair really clean and as I have oily hair I've noticed it doesn't get quite as oily as quick as it normally would. I love the smell too, it's hard to describe it but it doesn't smell as soapy? as normal shampoos do. Definitely wouldn't buy it to achieve volume though.

Rating - 3/5

Now where's the hairspray?!


Sylvia said...

i'm not sure about the shampoo or conditioner but i love the hairspray! Great blog!!!!

Lisa x said...

Hey Sylvia

I've never tried the hairspray, i'll need to look out for it. Glad you enjoy! x

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