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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Frankie Sandford hair!

(pic I took with me)

For a while now I've really loved Frankie Sandford's (UK girl band - The Saturdays) hair but to me it's really short! So to actually go and get my hair cut in a similar style was just never going to happen.

What if I looked like a boy?

How long would it take to grow my hair back?

What if the hair stylist didn't know what she was doing?

These were a few of the questions that went through my mind whenever I contemplated having my hair cut. Looking like a boy was definitely my biggest fear as was the fact that I wasn't blessed with Frankie's face!

After seeing Plink278's youtube channel and seeing that she had hacked all her pretty hair off, and it looked even more awesome, I felt braver and decided to just go for it. I booked an appointment for Saturday (yesterday). I chose a well recommended salon - Rainbow Room International. If I was going this short I wasn't letting just anyone loose on my hair!

On the day I expected to feel nervous/sick but I was actually fine, may have been something to do with the fabulous head massage I received before the cutting started. The stylist was more anxious than me which I have to admit made me feel slightly uneasy and all my doubts came back but after the first cut it was too late!

So 2 hours later this was the result...

I'm happy with it, it's a great change and everyone seems to like it, but I do miss having long hair, and it's only been a day! The great thing is now all the bleach and damaged hair from highlights is gone! My hair now feels really healthy. I've not tried to style it own my own yet but I'm hoping it will be easy...fingers (and toes) crossed!
It's definitely the shortest my hair has ever been and the most drastic haircut I've ever had but I've now come to the conclusion that I won't know what I like or what suits me unless I try it. If I don''s hair so it will grow back and at the very worst, there's always hair extensions (which I was assured it would still be long enough for clip-ins) :)


Kerrymarie said...

This looks gorgeous!! so brave of you! lol x

Anonymous said...

I adore her hair and would love to be brave enough to do it, it really suits you! I'm the same, scared of looking like a boy lol you carry it off very well x

LaurenStephanie ♥ said...

It really suits you (: Looks quite edgy and really pretty.
I wish i had the bone structure and the bravery to get short hair...
I'm too scared to even put lowlights in my hair haha.

Lisa x said...

Thanks girls! Glad that you don't think I look like a boy. That really was my worst fear! x

Kaci said...

Such a cute haircut on you!

3ate4 said...

Looks great on you!

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Whoaa, you look amazing!! What guts. Now I want to do it!!! Never heard of the saturdays, but I'll have to check them out. Congrats on your new awesome hair style!

Jenn said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! Really suits you! I get my hair done at Rainbow Rooms as well haha I love the Must after washing conditioner they use in your hair, really must go and buy some next time I'm in! Check out my blog if you have some free time :)

Jenn xx

..nichola! said...

Aww your hairs lovely :)

It really suits you!

Your braver than me anyway, i think il stick to my clip ins and long hair! lol

Im a new follower btw <3


Sophie said...

Your hair looks gorgeous, and it definitely suites you. Very feminine :)

Check out my blog?
Sophie xoxo

Sarah♥ said...

Hi there sweet, Sarah here.
OMG - didn't even realised you had a blog, and OMG you are bloody gorgeous :)


Lisa x said...

@ Jenn - The rainbow rooms are brilliant salons never had better service and the head massage is to die for! I'm not sure what conditioner they though will need to check that out.

@ ..nichola - Your hair is gorgeous! I can see why you wouldn't cut it. Thanks for following!

@ Sophie - Thanks. Now following your blog :D

@ Sarah - Hi Sarah :D I've had the blog a while, not great at updating it often though. I enjoy it though!

Princess Juicy said...

It suits you!!

Princess Juicy T ♥

Victoria said...

Your hair looks fab! Been wanting to go short myself but haven't plucked up the courage just yet! I think most girls feel safe with long hair, makes them feel more feminine. Well that's how I feel about my long hair anyway. Good for you for going for it, it really suits you! x

N SuZiEaNnA.. said...

wow! like dat girl! really suite on you. nice3. i just looking for a new haircut, but u mke me more excited to choose this one, just like u >.<. btw, HYE from malaysia. :) :) :)

visit me at

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! I have long hair now and I am thinking of getting it cut exactly like you have it. But Im scared in case I dont suit it. And you are right to say that you wont know until you try it. If it looks awful I cant tie it back or do much to it. Thats what I am scared of.

Lisa x said...

Thank you :)

I hope you do try it. It's only hair, it grows back albeit very slowly! You may find that you love it!

Lisa x

Jolien said...

I'm gonna get my hair done like that on wednesday!
I'm very excited, but I was wondering. what did you tell the hairdresser or what photo did you show them? because I really want to get it right!
love it on you (:

Lisa x said...

Thanks :)

I took the pic of Frankie Sandford that is on this post - luckily she knew exactly how I wanted it cut. I did ask for mines to be a little longer than most people had theirs done.

Good luck for Wednesday. I hope it looks great x

Anita Rose said...

You and your hair looks GORGEOUS!!!

I'm thinking of doing exactly the same. My hair is so much longer than I'm used to and I think it's affecting my mood. I seem to feel a bit dragged down with my looong hair. I hope if I get my hair chopped I'll feel more sprightly and full of life again like before I let my hair grow!

I might just need to lose a little bit of chin chub before I go for it though, so target is to lose just 7lbs (I'm 11st 4lb and 5'5'' so have a little spare chub to lose!) and once I've lost it I'm treat myself with the chop, woop woop watch this space!!!

:) xxx

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