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Friday, 30 April 2010

The Primark experience

So, today when I was out I ended up stranded in Primark looking for shelter from the torrential rain and hailstones (I hate hailstones! Painful things!) and of course I did what all girls know best! Shop!!

It's probably the first time I've been in Primark in about a year. I went through a little faze of going in a LOT! But I kind of got bored with it, I was buying things purely because of how cheap they were and everyone was wearing the same clothes. After today however I feel I may become a regular visitor again.

Here are some of the things I bought:

To be honest clothes from primark aren't the greatest quality but for the price you can't really complain. My pet hate about the shop though is the queues, you always wait for ages to get served and they never have all the tills open, which I don't see the point in!
I did but a few more things, nothing interesting, juts pyjamas and things and there were a few more things I intended to buy but had to try on but the changing rooms were closed so I will need to go back for these.
What I bought in more detail:

I think another Primark may be imminent, I was quite surprised how on trend my local primark was today as usually I have to travel further to get anything half decent so that was a pleasant surprise and I the accessories are brilliant for how cheap they are some of the bangles I bought were only 50p! So expect another Primark post soon....ha!


Charlotte said...

I love Primark too, but I have to stop myself from buying clothes simply because they are cheap, lol :).
I love the pearl necklace with the bow.

DangerouslyBeauty said...

You got some great things, I'm especially loving the ring :O
Please come follow me on my blog? xxx

Lisa x said...

I love the pearl necklace too, it's great quality for the price, it only cost £2.50

@dangerouslybeauty - following you now. I bought the ring in white last year but it broke so now they have the peach one. Again really cheap only cost £2 x

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Love the jewelry! <3

Orgo Cosmetics said...

Hi Lisa x!

Yes, I do ship to the UK! I actually get so giddy when i get international orders, because I think it's so dazzling that people in other countries would have my products!

If you live in the UK (or anywhere outside the US) I'd recommend ordering from my Etsy shop instead of my website though, because the shipping is a LOT cheaper for international and the products are the same. Actually there are more products, haha! (

Kaci said...

Love the ring and necklace!

ilovefashion said...

it's soo prettyy (:

I'm your new follower, check out my blog & i hope you can follow me back too (:


Supergirl said...

Great things:)

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